About Me

My first name translates to “true happiness.” My middle name means “angel whose glory is blinding, pointing to the glory of God.” I’m a TCK (third-culture kid) which has had a great impact on my life. Why am I lying? — It’s what my life is. I was born in one country, whisked off to live in another country, then another, and yet another; I have lived in a total of six countries and countless cities during my short life span. It’s all been a blessing to be honest, but I failed to see it as that while I was growing up. Sometimes I still lose sight of it, especially when I crave some sort of stability. But I know that the TCK in me will never want stability for long periods of time. I was raised to go on adventures, that’s what my entire life has been about! I joke with others about how I don’t think I’ll be able to retire because the thought of sitting and doing nothing will only be appealing for a month, maybe two months maximum before my fingers scratch at the desire to indulge in more than just sitting around. 

I think crunchy peanut butter is one of the best things; chocolate could be right up there with it. I love learning and I hope I never lose the desire to learn. I’m the kind of person who needs to interact with people on a daily basis, even if just to say hello. I cherish family meals, laughter, and birthday celebrations. Birthdays should always, always be celebrated. That is my policy.

I think I have some clue about how I want my ideal life to be while I’m in my twenties but I know that as soon as I acquire that ideal life, the idea will quickly change. Oh, I should mention that I didn’t (past tense) know where my “home” was. I could say it’s the country where I was born and where my passport is issued from, or I could say it’s the country where I spent the majority of my teenage life. If we’re going by the number of years I’ve lived in a country, the one I currently live in wins. I’ve decided though, that home is now where my husband is. Wherever I go with my husband, that is home. And for that distinction, I am thankful. For my husband, I am so very, very thankful.

Home is always the impossible subject, multilayered and maddening… – Paul Theroux


I started this blog for a class project my senior year in college. We were supposed to create blogs then follow our classmates’ blogs. (I still have no idea how to unfollow some people whose lives I’m no longer a part of.) If I remember correctly, we had to write a weekly post for others to read. Thankfully, we weren’t graded on the content of our posts but rather that we had one, otherwise I would not have gotten a decent grade. My posts then did not contain any “meat.” This many years later, I’m still writing here; granted, modifications to the blog have been made along the way, but I’m still writing! I’ve come to like it a lot, actually.

My goal is to keep writing, and at least once a week. I want to practice sharing my thoughts, observations, ideas, and adventure stories, even if just one person reads it. I’m excited to share all of this! I guess it could be called an adventure of some sort. Maybe.


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