What’s So Amazing About Grace?

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the word Grace. We’ve all heard the song “Amazing Grace.” Perhaps like me, you’ve known it since you were a tiny human. Amazing Grace was one of the first hymns I learned. If I’m being honest, over the years the words of the hymn have become so mundane to me, so the message seldom strikes me as a powerful one. Every once in a while though, I’ll have one of those moments where I stop and ponder – what is so amazing about Grace?

It was in late May, just one year ago that my husband and I found out we were expecting again. My family was in town for some reason, probably to see our new house, and not wanting to have to make the long drive to to where my parents live to tell them the news later, we decided to break it to them while they were here. That day was also Pentecost Sunday.

The theme of Grace has been prevalent in me and my husband’s lives all of our lives, but I guess we started paying attention and noticing it a lot more in the recent years.

Grace was with us on our first wedding anniversary when we learned we were pregnant for the first time. We celebrated not only one year of marriage but also the joyous news of expecting a little one.

Grace stayed with us as we sat in the doctor’s office at what was supposed to be our very first prenatal appointment. Grace was the doctor who had sympathy in her voice when we saw a tiny baby on the screen but didn’t hear a heartbeat through the speakers. Grace was portrayed through the nurse who sat with us for what seemed like an eternity as we began grieving the little life that we desperately wanted but no longer had. Grace was felt through the phone as we broke the news to our parents, who sobbed with us and then prayed for us.

Grace came with the sunlight each and every morning following those long nights when it seemed that nothing could pierce the darkness that enveloped our hearts and minds.

Grace came in the form of my husband’s embrace and encouraging words as I felt betrayed month after month, my courage puddling on the ground. Grace whispered in those moments I wanted to be angry and bitter when I heard from friends who were announcing pregnancies, or when I received invitations to baby showers, or saw photos of babies being born. Grace whispered “wait in Hope for the Lord. Wait.”

Grace blared through on that Pentecost Sunday as we saw a plus sign on a tiny screen. Going to church that Sunday, the anthem the choir sang was “O Day full of Grace.

O day full of grace which we behold,
Now gently to view ascending,
Thou over the earth thy reign unfold,
Good cheer to all mortals lending.
That children of light in every clime
May prove that the night is ending

Our hearts soared as we sat among hundreds knowing that a tiny miracle was growing.

Grace showed up again and again through the moments when fear tried to rear its ugly head, speaking falsities of loss and hopelessness. We combated by proclaiming Scripture and promises.

Grace came in the dozens of emails and messages we received over 40 weeks informing us of the prayers being said on our behalf from literally all over the world. Our prayer warriors were armed and going to battle daily for us.

Grace was displayed through the various nurses we encountered over the 35 hours I spent laboring through arduous, ridiculous complications, one after the other. Nurses who, we came to learn, loved the Lord. They encouraged and comforted, assured and prayed with us when things seemed bleak.

And Grace overwhelmed us as our daughter was born. She was 8 pounds 7 ounces of God’s amazing, perfect Grace. And she was all ours.

Her name means God’s unmerited favor and blessings given to us.


So what’s so amazing about Grace? Everything.

God’s Grace is in the little things, such as getting to sleep an extra 10 minutes as our daughter is entertained by the ceiling fan, and His Grace is in the big things, like salvation and redemption from our sins.

God’s Grace is prevalent in every aspect of our lives. May we learn to seek it out and acknowledge its greatness.


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