I’m Baaaaackkk!

Holy cow it’s been nine months since my last post! I do sincerely apologize for my absence; it’s just been.. somewhat chaotic.

In the last nine months, I: had a baby, took maternity leave, learned how to take care of a baby, went back to work, and experienced all the emotions and thoughts that go along with all of that. It’s been one crazy, beautiful, messy (think leaking boobs while trying to learn how to breastfeed) ride. (I do apologize to those readers who are squirmy with body things a woman goes through after giving birth because there will be a lot more mention of that now.) You’ll also hear me mention a lot of how grateful I am for this little peanut… no truer truth has been spoken. Those of you who have been loyal readers since our miscarriage story know.



I finally feel like I have some semblance of balance in mom life/work life so I’m going to reattempt getting back into blogging life. Wish me luck! And subscribe, or come back to read often!



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