Lazy Weekends

I love lazy weekend afternoons, the kinds where I can lay on the couch and not have to think about work or about cleaning the house. Today is one of those afternoons.

I’m sprawled on our living room sectional. My belly is full and I’m content from snacking on homemade crêpes I had been craving.

From time to time, the gentle stirring in my lower abdomen makes my heart leap with joy. I’ve become more attuned to the baby’s kicks and I love feeling the movements.

In the next room, my husband is gently and patiently shaving our dog’s fur. His demeanor is so different from mine when I do the same activity. Mine includes a lot more “quit moving, Beesly!” and “stop it, Beesly!” His voice is gentle and encouraging as he praises and affirms our goldendoodle for following his instructions. Beesly adores him, and so do I.

I am so blessed with a good man. His patience, outlook on life, and character are good. He seeks to please God and this desire pours out to all other aspects of his life. I see it the most in the way he cherishes and honors me. I am so thankful. And I am beyond excited to see him interact with our baby in a few short months. He is going to be the best father. Praise the Lord for godly men!

There is no other way I would rather spend my weekends and days, lazy or otherwise, than with him. 


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