A Prayer to Start My Day

A coworker shared this prayer with me a few weeks ago and I completely forgot about it until today. I thought the words were perfect not only for a Monday, but for a day when I’m feeling very unmotivated. May you find solace in this prayer.

Lord, as I think about my day, there are some things I’m excited about and some I’m dreading. I have people who are looking to me for direction, answers, support, and encouragement. In my own strength, I will fall desperately short of all that is expected of me. Strengthen and remind me that the only One I have to please is You.

May my thoughts, words, and attitudes be pleasing to You today. Let every interaction be seasoned with grace and purpose. May no frivolous words or actions clutter my day, but only those things that will bring You glory and build Your kingdom.

I surrender my day, my agenda, and my plans into Your hands. I ask You to order my day Your way. Even when the inevitable interruptions come, help me to sense Your intention in each one and respond the way Jesus would.



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