Praise Him In Advance

I have Friday afternoons off work and this afternoon, I’ve decided to spend it cleaning the house. Don’t feel sorry for me; I really do like cleaning. 🙂

As I was cleaning, I turned on Pandora Music so I could have some tunes to work to. My station of choice? Anthony Evans. First few songs were not disappointing and spoke to my heart words that I needed to hear. And then this song came on. You ever have those moments when you know God not only knows but acknowledges all that you’re going through? If the first few songs didn’t make me aware of that, this song certainly did.

These lyrics especially stood out to me:

Praise will confuse the enemy.

I’ve often wondered how I would combat fear and doubt and over and over I was told “give thanks” and “praise God in those moments.” This song reaffirmed that for me.

The singer, Marvin Sapp, continues to sing, “That’s why I praise him with my hands, that’s why I praise him with a dance, He’s given me a second chance, come on lets praise him in advance.”

So praise the Lord in advance for all that you will encounter today and in the days to come.


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