The next 24 hours were spent grieving and waiting for the miscarriage to happen and the baby to pass. Since I wasn’t able to be very articulate with spoken words, I opted to send an explanation email to my family and a few close friends who already knew the news or who I thought should know from us right away.

Hi family,
Matt and I just got back from an OB appointment this afternoon. We found out on our first anniversary that we were pregnant and it was confirmed with a blood test yesterday.
On Sunday I started experiencing some spotting. It progressed and yesterday the blood was bright red. Today I started passing clots as we were in the waiting room.
In our appointment, they did an ultrasound and didn’t find a heartbeat. According to calculations, we are supposed to be at 8 weeks 1 day. The baby measured at 6 weeks 1 day so they think that’s when we lost the baby.
We’ve opted to not to a D&C or take medicine to “make the baby pass” but let it occur naturally. It might happen tonight or three weeks from now.
Please pray for us. We’re devastated and heart broken.

“The Lord gives and the Lord takes; blessed be the name of the Lord!”
Matt called his parents and texted his sisters the news.
My family members ended up calling anyway and while we were on the phone, we were mainly silent since we were all in shock. I have seen my dad cry only a few times in my life and that night, as we video chatted, he sobbed for our Little One.
Matt and I held each other closer that night as we cried and pleaded with the Lord – that the ultrasound was wrong, that our baby’s heart would start beating, that He would spare us this grief.
I don’t remember how much sleep we got that night, if we got any sleep at all. I just remember the gripping pain that took my breath away each and every moment I thought of what was happening. It hurt when we were awake and it hurt when we slept.

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