September 10

The day of our appointment, I had to do a presentation on Madagascar for the city’s international club. I couldn’t get out of it because it was something I scheduled months prior. It was a cool opportunity to teach people about my country, and my in-laws – mom, grandma, and aunt – and a dear friend, E, were all coming to join Matt watch me present. What made it all the more wonderful was that they had a company cater a recipe from Madagascar that I sent to them, so everyone could eat food from Madagascar as well.

My cramps were more intense that day, as was the bleeding. I wore all black in case things got messy, drank a lot of water, and went on with the day. The presentation went really, really well. The food was good and the people were awesome. I was so thankful to see family on that day.

At the luncheon, I whispered to E that I had something to tell her after the luncheon was over. She smiled really big. She later told me that she knew what the news was because of how I whispered to her. After the luncheon, Matt got a ride back to work with his mom and I went with E to fill her in about what was going on. I’m so thankful for E and her joy and patience and wisdom with me during those minutes I spent spilling my guts to her. I told her about the cramping and bleeding and she told me she would be praying for us as we went to the doctor and to let her know the results afterward.

After saying goodbye to E, I went to pick Matt up and we headed to the doctor’s office.


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