We walked into the clinic’s lab and as I checked in, I asked them if they needed a urine sample because I really had to go. They said yes, gave me a cup, and I ran to the bathroom. After the urine sample was collected, we were called into a room so they could draw my blood. Matt held my left hand as they attempted to find a vein in my right arm. I don’t recall if it was successful or not, but for some reason, they needed to draw blood from my left arm also. (The only reason I know they pricked both arms is because I have a photo of each arm wrapped in bandages.)


I called them back later that day to ask if they had results. They said no and to call back by 4:45 pm. If they didn’t have the results then, they would by the next morning.

The bleeding didn’t stop. It was getting darker in color and I was passing clots. I couldn’t wait for our appointment the next day.


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