The next day, the blood was a little more prominent and a little darker in color. I told Matt I was worried and that night we called the OB nurse hotline. 

“Explain your symptoms to me,” the nurse said. I did. “Okay, I don’t want you to panic because bleeding in the first trimester is completely normal. If the bleeding exceeds to filling a pad an hour, then we’d have a need to be worried.”

“Okay, it’s definitely not doing that,” I assured her and myself.

“I see that you have ann appointment in a few days. How about we get your blood work done early so that you can have the results for your first appointment?”

“Perfect,” I responded. She said a few more things that I don’t recall, then we hung up. I tried to sleep peacefully that night.

The following day, Matt joined me as I went to the hospital to have my blood drawn.


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