Thankfully, I didn’t have morning sickness. From time to time, I wanted to have it because I felt like it would make the pregnancy seem more realistic. I have never been pregnant before so I had no idea how I was supposed to feel. My only indication of me being pregnant was how much easier it was for me to cry. I remember crying cause I saw a person walking down the street carrying a bag of groceries. They looked perfectly content but I was sad that they had to walk home instead of drive home. Tears came when I was sad and they came when I was happy. They also came when I was moved by something I watched or heard. The number of trips to the bathroom also increased, but that was because I was also purposefully drinking more water overall. And, my appetite increased verociously. I remember having stomach pains when I got hungry. So I started eating first breakfast, second breakfast, snack, pre-lunch, etc.

Matt and I, following the well-known “when to announce your pregnancy” rule, decided not to tell anyone until the feared first trimester was complete. Experts said to do it this way because the chance of miscarriage drastically decreases after the first trimester. We did make a few exceptions. One was to tell one of my best friends before she moved back to Kenya, the other was to tell my youngest sister Clara so she could help us plan our surprise trip to Kansas to tell my parents in person. We told my best friend via Skype the day before she moved, and we told Clara in person when she came to visit one weekend.


Clara’s reaction

We ended up getting the name of an OB/Gyn that was highly recommended and I called to get an appointment with her. The nurse told me that she had an opening two weeks sooner than my current scheduled appointment. I told her to book it and cancel my other one. I didn’t know it then, but that timing would be perfect.

Matt and I were both looking forward to when we could tell our families. We decided we wanted to tell them before the first trimester was over, especially since my dad was an OB/Gyn and could advise me on the cramping feelings I kept having. We planned our trip so that we would leave to see both sets of parents immediately after our first appointment. That way, we’d have a for sure positive from the doctor and possibly even a first set of ultrasounds to show. 

We asked Matt’s parents if they’d watch Beesly while we went to Kansas because “I just wanted to see my parents.” They agreed. Our plan was to drop off the dog at his parents’, tell them the news, then drive to Kansas to tell my parents. We had Clara verify that my parents would be home that weekend. (Side note: Clara, who typically is good at thinking on her feet, happened to be very bad at it this time and ended up telling my parents that she was asking about their whereabouts because she was planning to come see them.)

Three days before our appointment, I noticed a little bit of blood when I went to the bathroom. I did some quick research and found that bleeding during the first trimester was normal. I tried to push it out of my mind. 


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