August 17th

August 17th was the day everyone was leaving the cabin and coincidentally was our first wedding anniversary. After the 7 hour drive, we finally made it home in the late afternoon. After unloading the car, I told Matt I was going upstairs to take the pregnancy test I happened to buy several months earlier. (I was obviously wanting to get pregnant.)

After what seemed like three long minutes, we looked at the test, puzzled. Matt was certain that it read negative and I was certain that the positive line was just very faint. I guess buying a pregnancy test from a dinky small-town grocery store had its downfalls. We agreed to get ready, go take anniversary pictures, go out to eat and celebrate, then swing by Target to purchase better, more credible pregnancy tests.

When we got home after all of that, we retook the test. After the three longest minutes of my life up to that point, we walked back into the bathroom and stared down at the blue. Positive. Mark.


Honestly, it was the best anniversary gift we could have received. We were in shock but in the best way possible. We giggled and hugged and laughed, and started our dreaming and planning. We also made a deal that we would take a second test in the morning because we read that HCG levels are stronger in the morning. If that was positive, we’d call the doctor and set up an appointment to verify with a blood test.

I didn’t sleep very much that night.

In the morning, contrary to how I typically am, I jumped out of bed when Matt’s alarm went off, a whopping 30 minutes before mine even does, and told Matt to ready his phone to time out 3 minutes because I was taking the test.

Several minutes later, we were looking at another blue positive. It was official. And what a miracle!


We immediately called the doctor to set up an appointment to get a blood test to verify that we were really pregnant.

“There’s no need for a blood test,” the nurse said, “home pregnancy tests are 99.9% accurate and if you’ve received two positives, you’re pregnant! Congratulations! Are you taking a prenatal vitamin?”

“Not yet,” I replied, “I just found out.”

“Okay, make sure you start taking one as soon possible. Your first appointment won’t be until you’re 8 weeks. Do you want to set that up now?”

I scheduled an appointment for six weeks down the road and and that afternoon after work, Matt and I went back to the store to purchase prenatal vitamins.


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