We were going north to the cabin to spend a few days with Matt’s side of the family. It was an annual trip and I was looking forward to it. As I was packing, I panicked a little when I realized Aunt Flow would was due for a visit while we would be at the cabin.

“Lord, I know this is really selfish, but please don’t let me get my period while we’re at the cabin,” I silently prayed, “before or after, fine, but not during, please…. Or not at all…” I smirked as I finished my prayer. God knew what I meant.

I finished packing, and we were off!


It was our third or fourth day at the cabin and the day Aunt Flow was due to begin her visit. I felt some cramping, so, frustrated, I took some medicine to help with the pain and decided to take a nap.

When I woke up, I realized Matt had come to take a nap also. I also realized how warm it was and I started crying. Now, I am a tad emotional, but these tears came out of nowhere. In that time, I thought I was completely valid in shedding tears about how warm it was. Matt woke up and laughed as he tried to comfort me. He told me later he knew something was up because I was crying about being too warm from a blanket.

With each day of the vacation that passed, I experienced various thoughts and emotions ranging from wondering where Aunt Flow was to excitement about whether a Little One was growing inside of me. I wanted to take a pregnancy test every moment of every day but we decided against it since it felt strange to do so with that many people in close proximity to each other.

In a few short days, we would be heading home and by then either Aunt Flow would be here or I would be taking a test. I was anxious to find out.


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