Loving Theo

The story of Hannah seems to follow Jacob and I’s journey through prenatal loss.  During our first pregnancy, we had been reading through the Bible from Genesis to Revelation.  The story we were on when we miscarried was Hannah.  It was my turn to read that day and I could barely choke out the words on the page.  During our pregnancy with Theo, we read him a Children’s Bible.  The day we found out he would soon die we went through the whole thing—including the story of Hannah.  It was just as difficult as the first time.  I’ve lately been struggling immensely with contentment about my current lack of pregnancy.  We are quickly approaching my due date and I miss Theo beyond description.  I long to hear his heart beat once more, knowing once more would never be enough.  This morning my Lenten devotional was about Hannah.

Hannah, a woman…

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