Redeeming Grace

I don’t remember who wrote this to me, or where I found it, but I saved it on my phone the evening after I had the miscarriage. And tonight, a night where I’m struggling with grief and brokenness and longing, I prayed for God to show me comfort and He has answered my prayer through the words below and the song.

Grief is a language our hearts must learn if we ever want to find true peace as the parent of a child who has died before birth. But how can you mourn over someone you have never met or only met briefly? Thus is the case in situations of childbearing loss (abortion, miscarriage, stillbirth) or early infant loss. It takes faith to follow the Lord to a place of grief. And it takes courage to release the sorrow which may be the only reminder you have that your child ever existed, this ache of unrequited parental love. Christ’s invincible love provides the bridge of heavenly hope. He is a faithful witness who is able by his love to redeem all sin in order to fit us for his kingdom in heaven (Revelation 1:5-6). This redemption finds fruition as we embrace our child’s memory in order to bid them goodbye…. Before or shortly after birth forever changes the way you’d imagined your life would be. All the dreams you’d cherished of parenting that child died along with him or her. Yet, despite your loss and grief, God has given you promises that nothing can ever take away. Embracing those promises is the key to healing after miscarriage or infant loss.



2 thoughts on “Redeeming Grace

  1. afpalermo10 says:

    I’ve often wondered this before. What would I have done? What would I have become? Without His love, I don’t know how I could have possibly handled my miscarriages. My strength came from Christ alone.

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