Advent: Worth the Wait

It’s been a chaotic few weeks in our household. My transition between jobs, working out final details for our upcoming visits to our parents, Matt and I taking turns to be ill – it’s all been so exhausting. (Sorry I haven’t kept up with my Christmas countdown. I want to give up at this point, to be honest.)

It’s a little past 8 p.m. and just like the past few nights, I’m looking forward to going to bed and letting my tired body rest. My temper is short, my emotions are haywire – it’s not good. I do no reflect Christ in my thoughts and in some of my actions because of this. I’m thankful for a gracious God who extends His grace to my husband who extends it to me when I burst out in tears because I feel overwhelmed.

I’m missing Madagascar and Kenya something fierce these days. My heart longs for those places even more as I read more updates from high school friends saying they’re going back to Kenya for the holiday season or see photos relatives post of Madagascar.

I feel like this stage in my life, God is teaching me to wait. i wait as I transition jobs, wait to go back to Kenya and Madagascar, wait to go see family, wait for it to get warm again, wait through each month, wait, wait, wait. Yet even in the anxiety that shows up from time to time because I’m overwhelmed by so much waiting, God, in His grace, gives me glimpses of His impending glory and all the joy that will come from that. And in those moments, it all seems worth the wait.

 For I consider that … present time are not worth comparing with the glory that is to be revealed to us.
– Romans 8.18

© m. knutson

© m. knutson


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