Countdown to Christmas: Song Edition – #4 & #5 – “Immanuel, God With Us”

“The King walked over and reached for the book. He turned it toward Lucifer and commanded, “Come, Deceiver, read the name of the One who will call your bluff. Read the name of the One who will storm your gates.”

Satan rose slowly off his haunches. Like a wary wolf, he walked a wide circle toward the desk until he stood before the volume and read the word: Immanuel.

“Immanuel?” he muttered to himself, then spoke in a tone of disbelief. “God with us?” For the first time the hooded head turned squarely toward the face of the Father. “No. Not even You would go so far.”

“You’ve never believed Me, Satan.”

” But Immanuel?” The plan is bizarre! You don’t know what it is like on Earth! You don’t know how dark I have made it. It’s putrid. It’s evil. It’s. . .”

“It’s Mine,” proclaimed the King. “And I will reclaim what is Mine. I will become flesh. I will feel what My creatures feel. I will see what they see.

An excerpt from Cosmic Christmas by Max Lucado


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