One Week Later

Today I’m thankful for Healing. A few days ago, the hope that I barely hung onto was rekindled in my heart and with it the first steps to Healing.

I only cry for 60% of the day now instead of the 99% a few days ago. The pain is still there, but I make a conscious choice to focus on Him instead.

God has been gracious in ways I can’t even begin to comprehend. As I lay in bed on the verge of sleep, I’m tempted to worry about tomorrow when we plan on making the news public, but I won’t. Husband lovingly reminds me that we will be received with sympathy and love. God’s grace will carry me.

I’ve never been so open with such intimate news about my life before. Not only will we be bearing our souls to friends and acquaintances, we’ll be sharing with strangers as well.

I’m praying people will find courage in our story.


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