Life is so bizarre right now.

First, in the dead middle of summer, it is 63 degrees out. I’m currently perched on the couch wearing a sweater, sitting under a blanket, and surrounding myself with pillows in an attempt to stay warm. If this is any sign that fall and winter will be coming early, there will be a very unhappy African in your midst.

Second, I feel like a lot of my friends are being so strange. Let me explain.

I have an acquaintance/friend who castigates her husband on FB. She basically posts on how he’s not measuring up to society’s standards of a good husband. Now, I was taught that no one, absolutely no one loves your husband as much as you do. (Their moms are a close second behind you, but you are the only one who loves your husband as much as you do.) So when you publicly point out your husband’s faults over and over, these people who already don’t love your husband as much as you do are acquiring an even more negative viewpoint of your husband. Not only that, but what you’re doing is lowering your husband’s self-esteem. As Biblical wives, we are called to honor, respect, and love our husbands. I don’t think publicly berating your husband is doing any of those. Do you? Anyway, I wrote this person a private message voicing my thoughts. She has yet to respond or see the message. I’ve been praying her heart and mind will be in a good place to receive this message whenever she does see it and that God will give her a revelation of some sorts.

I have this feeling that I’m losing touch with college/FC girl friends. In all hindsight, part of me knows it was inevitable with the move to the new city, but with some of these friendships I’m thinking, “really? I thought we were closer than that.” It’s sad, to say the least. And to be honest, I fight bitterness about it sometimes – times when I find out news about their lives via a mutual friend, times when I discover that they didn’t want me to know certain news in their lives and get upset with other people for sharing with me, or times when I feel like I’m the one continually initiating contact first and they respond only to be polite but nothing else. The more I think about it, the conclusion I come to repeatedly is “oh well. I’m glad we at least had a friendship.” Right? Maybe.

That’s all I can share right now. Everything else I’m still working through :).

I’m praying God softens my heart and continues to mold me to be more like Him everyday.


One thought on “Bizarreness

  1. joyfulcolors says:

    I have so longed for contact with you, my Malagasy blossom. Yesterday I was at Mayo from 6:35 until late aft. Too beat to hang around. Will be having repeat visits for PT in future Hope to wander with you. Dine with you. I’ve often said I’d like to retire in Roch, But the cost of living is likely in outer space My income was in lower soy fields. We shall see. Peace be with you. I love you, your husband, too.

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