This Is Winning: An Update

This morning, I got up early, got ready, looked professional, and went to my job interview. Not to toot my own horn but I think I did very well! I will hear from them in about a week. Whatever happens, I did my best and left it all on the interview table.

Yesterday, Matt and I made the hour-long drive to our visa interview and rocked that interview! Visa application approved! Praise the Lord! Thank you to those of you who prayed.

When we got home yesterday, before I started practicing my presentation for my job interview, I sat in front of my laptop and wrote out the draft for the first part of my paper and submitted it. My advisor emailed back this morning saying it was very good.

This is what winning looks like if I’ve ever seen it!

Since lunch I’ve been lounging in bed not doing much. I figured I could take a few moments to play games on my phone or peruse Facebook. It’s been very nice and relaxing. The only thing that would make this great moment perfect is if Matt was here with me, but alas, he has work.

Since my laptop is now open, I figured I’d spend the rest of the afternoon looking for jobs to apply for. I’m taking a break from my paper today. 


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