You know stress is high in our household when both Matt and I notice that we’re simultaneously breaking out on our faces. What are we, still teenagers?

After several days of working on it, we finally have a 3-inch binder full of evidence of our dating/engagement/marriage sitting on our dining room table. It’s all ready for the visa interview tomorrow. All that’s left to do is get all the original documents into one pile and bring that along with us. Thankfully the interview is at noon so we can somewhat sleep in before making the hour-long trek to the interview.

A major change is happening to the staff at Matt’s job and that’s stressful on him. In addition to that, there’s a lot his organization needs to do before their big fundraising event mid June and then the staff change in early July.

I just crawled into bed from completing a project that I had due 24 hours before a job interview. The job interview is Tuesday at 8 am and the project would be due tomorrow morning by 8. In order to allow myself to sleep in tomorrow and not feel rushed, I decided I’d turn in the project tonight. I worked on the presentation and paper all day. Golly gee it was intense and my perfectionist side was showing so it took somewhat longer than it should have, but it’s done and submitted. I still have to practice and run through it but I can do that tomorrow night. …I also have to refresh my memory on job interview questions/answers and come up with questions to ask them. Sigh.

Tomorrow, I have a draft of the first part of my final paper due. I have written three paragraphs. To be honest, I’m not sure how long it’s supposed to be because I haven’t looked at the outline at all but I know three paragraphs is too short. I have to work on that tomorrow, also.

Ah, stress.

I’m hoping tomorrow after the interview we can go to the zoo or something in order to destress. We both really like zoos. That would be fun!

I’m gonna try sleep and not think about too much now.

If you think of it, please pray for us tomorrow at our visa interview. We’re looking forward to moving past this speed bump we’ve been at for the past 9 months.



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