Sunny and 75!

It is a gorgeous day outside today. Absolutely stunning! 75 degrees with a light breeze that blows every once in a while so you’re able to enjoy the sun but just when it starts to seem overwhelming, the breeze blows to cool you off before the process is repeated. I’ve decided that 75 degrees is my favorite temperature. I wish all of summer would be like today. I take that back, I wish it was like this year round.

I was able to spend some time outside today. I went on my daily 2+ mile walk (my physical therapy for my back post-surgery) late this morning and then sat outside in my new red chair reading. Unfortunately, I had to come back inside to get back to business.

You see, I need to 1) apply for jobs, 2) work on my final paper, and 3) finish putting together our binder of evidence for our visa interview.

Yep, it’s a lot. Let me address each individually.

First, since I’m pretty much back on my feet after the surgery and done with school (for the most part), I’m applying for jobs. This process has proved emotional and frustrating for me. I’ve had a handful of interviews, so that’s encouraging, but the process takes so long. The process naturally takes a while but it frustrates me when the companies don’t get back to me as quickly as I’d like them to. As much as I’ve been enjoying the time I have to be able to recover from surgery, sleep in, go on walks, and sit outside, I’m ready to be productive in the job world again. I’ve made it a personal goal to apply for a job a day. So far, so good. Now we’re praying and looking forward to hearing back from companies quickly!

Second, I’m working on my final paper. So, I walked across the stage and graduated in early May, right? Well, that doesn’t mean I was done. (It’s very anti-climatic, to be honest.) I still have one more course before I receive my diploma and I am working on this course this summer. It’s a 30+ page paper on a topic of my choice. My paper’s objective, in a sentence, for those interested: “This study will explore what successful acute care hospitals do to develop, promote, and sustain trust in what they do.” Interesting? I think so. It’s already proving difficult though. There is a lot of information out there, but I’m working on it a little each day.

Last, Matt and I finally got a letter in the mail saying we have an interview date and time for our marriage visa. Our original interview was set for April 4 but after we moved to a different state, we received a letter saying our appointment had to be canceled “due to unforeseen circumstances,” and so, we had to start at the beginning with the waiting game. Anyway, now that we have an interview appointment, there are certain things – a lot of things – we need to bring with us to that interview. I’ve been spending time sorting through wedding stuff, letters, bills, applications, forms, photos, and the likes, trying to come up with a logical way of presenting everything so our interviewer doesn’t become overwhelmed and frustrated trying to figure out what goes where. If you think about us next Monday, June 2nd, say a prayer for this.

So that’s what’s happening in our lives currently. I’m thankful I had this short break to write and share everything. As always, prayers are welcomed in all aspects of the above written things. I have to get back to work now.


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