One Week Later

It’s hard to believe that a week ago, I was falling asleep in a hospital bed and being woken up every 45 minutes so my vitals could be checked.

So much has happened in the past week. My back is healing quite nicely and I’m able to walk up the stairs in our house in under 2 minutes. Husband still thinks I should take it slower but I told him when I go up those stairs, I go! There’s no stopping me!

The pain I had previous to the surgery is non-existent… for the most part. Every once in a while I feel a pain in my leg but I realize that I’m sitting or lying down incorrectly and once I straighten myself up, it goes away. (Part of me wonders if muscle memory is messing with me and the pain is not really even there but I’m just associating that position with pain.) The only pain I’m (barely) dealing with now is the pain of the incision from when they did surgery. I’m officially off of narcotics and taking over-the-counter pain medicine. I should not need them longer than the end of this week.

How exciting to think that a time in my life is coming when I won’t be dependent on medicine at all!

I was looking through a bunch of my Facebook photos and recalled a wedding we attended a few months ago where I was just miserable cause of my back pain. The narcotics I was on didn’t work, over-the-counter stuff didn’t work – it was such a dreadful time for me. Ugh. And now… thank the Lord for modern medicine! Seriously. It’s all an answer to so many prayers.

I do acknowledge that I still need to take things slower. The past week has been so great that I think I see myself as superwoman. My back is still healing and I still can’t do a lot of things… I’m just excited about it all.

Slow and steady is what I’m learning here.


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