Psalm 139.13-14

I feel like all I’ve done in the past two days is eat, take medicine, sleep, wake up, walk around the kitchen island, sit, and repeat. I feel this way because it’s the truth.

Here is my current daily habits: I have to eat before I take my pain medication because it helps with the nausea, then about 30 minutes after taking the medicine, it knocks me out and I sleep for a few hours. When I wake up, I walk because my doctor said my physical therapy is to “walk, walk, walk.” Because I’m not sturdy enough to be able to walk by myself very well yet, I walk around the kitchen island so I have support if I need to grab onto something. My mom and husband are also nearby and keep a close eye.

My mom created a “nest” (for lack of better terms) for me on the living room floor made of blankets and pillows. Our couches are too soft and don’t support my back well so I sit in the nest when I feel my back can handle sitting for a longer period of time. Getting up off the floor is a doozy though. I’m not allowed, nor am I able to attempt going up or down stairs by myself yet because the risk of falling is too much. And the energy it now takes to do menial things is astounding. Simple things like going to check the mailbox take three times as long now and when I get back, I’m usually exhausted.

However, my heart is content and my mind is at peace. I love the thought that my body is healing and getting better. I marvel at how God created our bodies. It’s so bizarre but so wonderful at the same time! I look forward to being able to walk around the house without holding on to anything.


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