Road To Recovery


I was discharged from the hospital and I’m currently lying in my own bed at home. Though I loved the luxury of being able to make my hospital bed into a chair if I wanted to, I don’t miss being awoken every hour to get my vitals checked and be given medicine through an IV.

The surgery went extremely well, by the Grace of God! I’m so overwhelmed with gratitude to my Father in Heaven. His hand was in this whole thing and it was so evident.

I’m also really thankful that my parents and two of my siblings were able to be there to be by Matt’s side as they all waited, and that my mom is able to stay with us a few days to take care of me. I’m also overwhelmed with joy knowing that there was an outrageously large number of prayer warriors praying for me from around the world.

I don’t remember much from post-op, but I remember everything from pre-op. Amidst the chaos of pre-op, I knew God was showing me that He was comforting me. One of my anesthesiologist was from Kenya, the other’s mother attended Augsburg College…Just a whole bunch of connections that made me smile and relax.

The road to recovery will be a little long, kind of painful, but so worth it. To be honest, despite my extremely low blood pressure that worried my nurses throughout the night, my IVs not working well, the nausea, and almost passing out post-surgery, I could not have asked for a better experience.

The pain medication is making me super drowsy so I’m going to sleep now. Goodnight all.

The Lord is my Healer.


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