Love Is

Love is a husband standing in front of the bathroom mirror with his wife at 11:40 at night to show her and speak Truth into her life when she’s allowed lies to pierce through and take hold.

Love is a husband verbally recounting and pointing out the physical attributes he admires of his wife because he knows that although inner beauty is what most, including himself, deem more important, his wife also needs to hear more fully and in detail the outer things that he appreciates.

Love is a husband holding and empathetically listening to his wife sobbing and confessing her fears of the future and all it entails, then comforting her and reminding her that it all really will be okay.

Love is a husband praying over and for his wife and their relationship, the future, and that Truth would reign through it all.

Praise the Lord for looking with favor upon and blessing the wife with this love through her husband.

Her life is enriched by her husband’s presence. She has found her good thing. Praise the Lord!


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