After the Dust Settles

Exactly one week ago at this hour, I was in the car and almost to Roch, to sign the lease and pick up the keys to our new place. I had already been to Roch a total of about 4 times in the past three weeks and the approximately 3 hour round trip was already getting on my nerves. I remember thinking how thankful I am that I only had to make the trip one more time tomorrow and then not again for a while. As I drove, I tried to ignore the ache building in my throat, not from sadness of having to leave a place, but from illness. I knew that I would wake up with a sore throat the next morning and at the rate the pain in my throat was increasing, it would be a full-fledged cold in a matter of two days. Ever felt that and just known before?

Here I am, one week later and I was right about the cold. It’s been a difficult few days adjusting just because of this illness. I take NyQuil at night but sometimes my coughing is so intense that it wakes me up, and then I realize that my back is aching, and then I’m up for the next three hours coughing and dealing with back pain. The way I toss and turn… my poor husband.

We love our new place. It’s so … right. When we found out that we would be moving, I remember having expectations on what I wanted our new place to look like. As we searched and the reality set in that we might not find a great place because we had less than three weeks before we moved, I became sad and let go of some of my expectations. Then it seemed like it came to a point that we might not find a decent place at all, and all I wanted was somewhere I could lie down at night and sleep. When it seemed that hope was gone, I kept reminding myself over and over again that God would not bless Matt with a great job opportunity like this one and then just leave us to hang dry (or whatever the saying is), and as we prayed, and others joined us in praying, I rested in that truth. And then a last minute miracle happened and literally 20 minutes after I drove to Roch to look at this place, I got a phone call saying the place was ours. Such a blessing and continual proof that God looks after His people!

We’re slowly but surely adjusting and looking forward to discovering all that Roch has to offer us. Because we lived in such a small town with limited everything from grocery stores to gas stations, I encounter culture shock each time I discover a new area of Roch. For example, I’m constantly and pleasantly surprised and flabbergasted each time I visit a grocery store here. I loved grocery shopping before but with all the different options here, it’s gone to a whole new level of love!

We are blessed. We are also missing people from Forest City. I wish we could bring all of our friends here and they’d get jobs and places to live here. It would be so great! …I’m working on it.



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