Time For A Change

It’s true. The rumors are not rumors. We will be moving.

I have all sorts of feelings regarding this but the major feeling is excitement! In 18 short days, Husband and I will be packing up our lives and moving on from little ol’ FC.

It’s so strange to think about. FC is all I’ve known of the States since I’ve moved back here. I’ve lived here for almost seven years, the longest time I’ve ever consecutively lived in one place my entire life. (That flabbergasts me.) This place has become like a home to me. But, alas, I’ll be putting my packing and moving skills back into action.

One thing I’ve been told as a missionary’s kid (MK) is say goodbye to places before you move on cause you never know if you’ll get to return. And when they say that, they mean say goodbye to each place that means something to you, individually. Walk through, recall the memories, be thankful, say goodbye, and then move on. It might sound silly to a lot of people but it’s seriously a great way of coping with moving all the time. More on that later, though.

Sometimes I get sad about leaving here. I drive by places and think “aww, I’ll only get to go there a few more times and then no more.” But then I realize that we will be coming to visit every once in a while so I’ll get to go there again. …But it won’t be the same. But I do look forward to returning for visits!

Anyway, looking forward to a new change and an exciting journey ahead! Eighteen days and counting!


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