Back Problem’s Getting Fixed!

What I’m doing here can be called procrastination, I guess. I’m supposed to be working on homework because I have an assignment that needs to be submitted before midnight tonight, but instead, I’m rotating between playing Flappy Bird on my phone (a ridiculously frustrating yet addictive game), Facebook, icing my back, and re-reading random articles on the internet.

We got back from the hospital approximately 1 1/2 hours ago. While there, I had the blessing of having a huge needle stuck into my spine to help relieve the large disc herniation I have in my lower spine. That is a procedure I will never forget. Sorry, but I don’t want to recall it here. I’m just tired now.

I’m currently lying in our bed as it is the hardest surface in the house besides the floor, and listening to my husband in the living room interacting with our dog, Beesly. My husband is the most patient man I have ever met. Beesly is frustrated from being locked up in her crate for six hours while we were away and wants something, maybe a tennis ball under the couch. Instead of raising his voice at her (much like what I probably would have done), he calmly but enthusiastically asks her what she wants. He’s doting on her and it’s wonderful to see. He’s going to make a wonderful father as well.

I’m looking forward to bed time and sleeping off the anesthesia that’s already slowly wearing off. Pray for me as my back finally begins the procedure to healing.



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