Baby’s Got Back.. Problems (Part 2)

I have not been able to sleep through the night in close to four months now. When I say sleep through the night, I’m not saying eight, nine hours, I’m saying five, six hours. I have not been able to sleep longer than four hours straight for the last few months. Wow. You know how much of a toll that takes one person? (God bless those of you out there who sacrifice your sleep for the sake of others. I’ve experienced what you do and it’s not fun.)

My poor husband. I currently sleep with four pillows – two normal sized ones and two small ones – all to support me in positions once I find relief. From time to time I lean up against my husband and that’s when I find relief for my back but that usually doesn’t last long because then he has to turn, so pillows have become the new supports. One pillow is between my knees, one is under my stomach, one is under my upper back, and one is under my head. Most of the night is spent rolling around, tossing and turning to try to find the most comfortable position. I try my best not to but sometimes I wake my husband up. But contrary to getting upset at me for waking him, he’s always so kind and concerned, asking if he can get me an ice pack or do anything for me. God has blessed me with a wonderful man. I’m so grateful.

I’ve been on several different types of prescribed pain killers. They have been effective for all of maybe one day before the pain kicks back. Usually, the pain returns a few hours before I’m allowed to take the next dosage. Two days ago, I was given one of the strongest prescribed pain meds available. Not only did the pain come back in three hours but the side effects have been horrible. I had severe headaches and have been nauseated and drowsy since. Sadly, the side effects overwhelm whatever potential good could come from that so I’m discontinuing it. I don’t want to feel queasy on top of feeling pain.

I had an MRI done earlier this week and am eagerly awaiting the results. Then we’ll see what course of treatment my spine specialist doctor sets me on.

Until then, I’m still hoping for a full night of uninterrupted sleep. Although it won’t be tonight because it’s 5 am and pain woke me up 30 minutes ago, and I’ve already woken up two times before this.

Goodnight all.


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