Lovelies: Education Edition

I’d like to share several things that I’ve found very amusing and educational over the past few months.

If you’ve never heard of it, is awesome. A lot of us make it a point to work out to keep our bodies in shape but we often neglect our brains. Well, Lumosity is a way of working out your brain daily. It’s free to create an account and all you do is visit the website daily to complete three fun activities that engage your brain in thinking. Three activities, that’s it! And did I mention it’s fun! Personally, I’ve found that when I’m regular in visiting the site and completing the activities, my memory is better, I’m able to problem solve quicker and more efficiently – all kinds of positives. Check it out!

I love TED talks and listening to them, but sometimes I’ve found that I don’t have the time to listening to a 15 minute TED talk. Ever have that problem? Well, has helped us out with this webpage that has a sentence-long summary of 100 TED talks. Read through, see what sticks out to you, and click on that link to listen to the TED talk. It’ll take you 5 minutes to read through this list of 100. Save the page link and work through each subject when you have the chance. Nifty!

I read this article about a year ago and found it very interesting because it was stating something so contrary to what we as a society in the U.S. are being told. This article tells us about “the disciplined pursuit of less.” Definitely worth a read.

There are days every now and then when I wake up afraid. This type of fear consumes me to the point where I want to ask my husband to stay home and not go to work because I don’t want something to happen to him at work, or where I want to call every member of my family to ask them if they’re okay. It’s irrational, I’m aware, but it hits me. And each time that happens I have to make a conscious decision to not dwell in it but open my Bible and read God’s promises and His words. I search for as many verses as possible that remind me: “do not be afraid.” And after reading my Bible, I’m always reminded of this video. If you struggle with fear also, it’s one to watch.

Alright, just a few lovelies that I wanted to share with you. Hopefully I imparted some knowledge to you. If you liked it, share it with others.

– m



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