Lovelies: Music Edition

I personally think I have great taste in music so I want to share some of my good choices.

I can’t get over this song. I think it will be involved in a future very important event in my life but a little more acoustic-like. The lyrics from 2:16 to 2:43 are my favorite. Also, 3:00 to 3:16 are wonderful. I hope you enjoy it too.

Sinatra will always be amazing. The man was a genius when it came to music, that can’t be denied. This song is one that I recently discovered. I can’t believe it’s taken this long. I think it’s wonderful.

The lyrics in this song are absolutely powerful and I like how it mixes two songs into one. I know the second part of the song because I grew up singing it in many different church services and it’s always nice to hear something familiar.

This song speaks volumes for my life and it always brings a smile to my face when it randomly pops up on my iTunes. A tribute to my mama and a deep appreciation for him.

I liked this song when I first heard it but I never cared much for the funny musical repetitions of the same phrase that happens in the middle of song, so, imagine my delight when I found an acoustic version that did not have all of that! I like how raw this is, and it’s cool that the artist sounds just as good live as he does on the album.

I think I like acoustic versions of songs. If I ever recorded an album, I think it would be mainly acoustic. This song echoes one of my favorite Bible verses (which is a verse I need to hear right now so it works out perfect that I’m playing it over and over). The way the music video is shot is how I imagine it would be like if I record an acoustic album. Maybe one day.

And this song –  everything said in this song is so very true, especially right now, Love. I hope you appreciate it as much as I do.

So go ahead, click on the links and tickle your ear drums! Hopefully you’ll add this songs to your playlists. More to come in the near future.


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