[Just a quick post before I get back to doing homework. I have 1 1/2 chapters of reading left in one of my books, then I can call it a night.]

So, I have roommates now, have I mentioned that? Their names are Whitney and Renae. They’re pretty neat ladies. I met Whitney and Renae at college and we’ve been friends since.

The last time I had a roommate was my freshman year in college and ever since, I’ve been living by myself so it was an adjustment at first because I had to learn how to live with people – I had to get my schedule in sync with theirs as far as showers, laundry, etc, but I think I got it all figured out a few weeks ago. They both work during the day so they’re able to do their thing early in the morning. I can sleep in some and then get up and do my thing. That is also nice because during the day, it’s like I’m living by myself again. This allowed me to ease into things; it was a nice transition. Yes, I liked living alone but now, it’s weird when I come home at night and they’re either not here or they’ve gone to bed already. I don’t like coming home to a quiet apartment.

When I first moved in, I had just begun my adventure with my back ailments. My first night here, I was medicated and had no bearing of what was taking place in my life. Everyone knew I would wake up in the middle of the night and be really confused as to where I was (because that is how I am already and to have medicine in my system would further exacerbate the situation), so they posted a lovely sign on my door to remind me of where I was. Truth be told, I was still confused when I woke up in the middle of the night (because I couldn’t see the sign in the dark) but it was a nice thing to wake up to in the morning.


Tonight, starting at 10:15 pm, Renae, Whitney and I spent 45 minutes playing “Ruzzle” a game we all downloaded on our individual phones. I think we’re addicted. We all sat in the living room and played games against each other until we all gave up from losing to each other. Then we parted ways and headed to our respective rooms.

It makes me smile. It’s nice to have others to interact with right before I head to bed. Being alone is nice too sometimes, don’t get me wrong, but this is also nice.

Tomorrow morning, we’re going to make crêpes for breakfast. I’m excited!


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