Can We Pretend That Airplanes In the Night Sky Are Like Shooting Stars?

Tonight, I was outside briefly and the night sky happened to catch my attention so much so that I had to sit down on a porch step and watch it.

I didn’t give it the proper respectable amount of my attention due to the cold but if it were up to me, I would have been there all night. It was my mistake that I decided to wear shorts over tights today. Darn winter. How was I supposed to know I’d encounter the beauty of the night sky tonight?

In my short gaze at the vastness that expanded above me, I saw stars, only a dozen or so but they did it. They stole my breath. Gah! So beautiful. And then I saw it: a small, flashing red light that moved along the sky at 2 inches per second. A plane.

The last time I remember looking up at the sky and noticing a plane was several months ago. Goodness, I can’t even tell you a specific month. I had forgotten all about my obsession with the night sky and planes. It made me miss so much.

It was a #ThrowBackThursday for sure.

When I have a lot of money, each night for an entire week, I want to fly at night. I want to get in a plane as the sun is setting, fly over cities so I can see the city lights at night, over countrysides so I can see the stars without interference of city lights, and then circle back around so I can land back where I started, right after the sunrise and just in time to go to work. That’s the plan. I wanna be that “wow” for somebody who happens to look up and see what I saw tonight.

I’m still smiling as I remember what I saw tonight. I look forward to summertime when I can spend more time outside at night.

Airplane Landing


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