Lovelies: First Edition

Below are things that are presently on my mind:

I can’t get this song out of my head. I’ve been playing it on repeat throughout today. The original singer did a great job but I’m starting to like this cover more each time I listen to it. The lyrics are so pretty and I like that there’s no chorus, just six different verses that walk you through the stages of a couple’s lives. (The song starts 47 seconds into the video so you can skip ahead to there.) I’m listening to it now as I write this.

I’m super excited to try to make this. I learned about Quinoa about a year ago and I’ve only tried it a few times but I’m excited to get to use it more. With being a vegetarian, you lose a lot of protein from the lack of meat-eating but Quinoa is a protein power food! Bam! You can peruse through the next few pages of the link and find more recipes for vegetarian burgers. If you’re not a vegetarian, it’s cool to just know recipes in case you do have friends who are vegetarian. You can invite them over sometime and wow them with your newly acquired knowledge of vegetarian burgers. If you are a vegetarian, I just made your dinner plans for you. You’re welcome! 🙂

This is my “shoe board” on Pinterest. I really, really, really like shoes, ask most people who know me well. No, I wouldn’t want to own all of these shoes, I just think they’re nice, some of them more than others. If I had to pick a favorite though, I’d pick either this one or this one. (Let it be noted that I will never buy these shoes, at least not at the prices listed. There are much better ways to spend your money. Also let it be noted that although I have a lot of shoes and I really like shoes, I have not spent more than $30 on a pair of shoes. The most expensive pair of shoes I own cost me $24 and it’s cause they were running shoes.) If it were up to me, if I didn’t live in a small town where people would look at me like I was trying to bring the city life here, or if it wasn’t icy to the point where I could potentially injure myself severely, I would wear heels every day.

In addition to the swimming (that I can start doing in about two days – woohoo!), I’ve decided that I’m also going to try yoga. Don’t laugh. I’m going to play it smart and start with beginner’s poses. What works in my favor is that there are many fitness websites that offer tutorials and pictures of what they mean when they say “The Mountain Pose” or “The Warrior Pose.” I’m only slightly intimidated, but more excited!

I choke with excitement every time I see this picture. I have recently come to accept the notion that I might like a big, fluffy dog, and this one would be perfect. It looks like a dog you could hug and it would just let you! I don’t see us getting one in the near future but that doesn’t mean we can’t name it already, right? I think “Beyonce” is listed as a possibility. Woah, right? It really did start as a joke.

Check out these links. I’ll try to share more each week. I think this is a good trend to continue!

Until then,



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