Happy Wednesday!

This morning, I woke up early, like 7:30 am early. Okay, okay, so this might not be early for a lot of you who have regular jobs or classes in the mornings, but for me, it is, especially since my day consists of just doing homework. My first alarm is set for 9:17 am and most of the time, my body doesn’t obey it when it rings to tell me to get up. (Lately, I’ve been doing better, though.)

I have several reasons as to why my brain became extremely alert at said hour of the morning, many of which I won’t share, but one is the fact that I didn’t want to waste the day away. I got up, went outside my room, and looked out the big window and saw that at 7:30 am, it’s still pretty dark. All of a sudden it felt like it was nighttime and my ambition to not waste the day away seemed silly.

Sleep is calling me again. I’m trying to decide if I should go back to sleep and take a nap (really a sleep) until whenever my body decides to wake up, or if it is better that I just stay awake for the rest of the day so I’ll actually be tired and make it to bed at a decent hour tonight. Oh, the problems of my life. Tough, tough decisions.


After giving this a good three minutes of my thinking time, I’ve decided that I’m going to get back under my heated blanket and return to repose. This way, I’ll avoid that urge to nap that comes around at 4 pm – winning all around!

Thanks for joining me and sharing my thought process. Have a happy Wednesday!


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