Bonne Année 2013!

Happy 2013! =)

The new year has started off wonderfully for me! I brought in January 1st with my sisters’ loud and confusing countdown of the seconds leading up to midnight, unexpected fireworks from neighbors, sparkling grape juice in my mom’s wine glasses which were specially etched with “Africa’s Big Five” animals (lion, elephant, rhino, leopard, and cape buffalo), and prayer with my family. All necessities which have become traditions. We did miss one sister though, but she was having a blast bringing in the new year praising God with 16,000 other believers, a great opportunity for her.

A few hours after bringing in January 1st, we had to leave home to return to non-vacation life. Leaving home and family was sad for me and the long drive back didn’t help because along with the sadness, my back pains returned. That probably had to have been the worst part of this year so far. Otherwise, things are going great!

To help you continue to get to know me better, I need to say that I dislike new year’s resolutions and a great part of the reason is because I can’t seem to remember mine by mid January. However, this year, I have decided that I will have at least one that is relatively simple: sing at least three songs a day. I mean like meaningfully sing them, all the way through, and with passion, in a way that if I had to perform it somewhere spontaneously (because I get asked to sing all the time?), I would be able to do so without struggling. Three songs, that’s it. I’m on a roll so far; today, I sang at least six. I chose this resolution because I feel like my vocal chords are just going to waste. Sometimes, I don’t realize that I haven’t sung in a looonnng time until I attempt to do so and every other note is a screech or a crack. So I’m choosing three songs. Three because it’s my favorite number, and they have to be three different songs than the ones I sang the previous two days. Keep me accountable when you think of it.

Anyway, I hope that this new year, you laugh a lot. I think laughing is wonderful. But not at someone. Don’t laugh at people, it makes them upset with you. But do laugh. And have a great year!

– mamisoa.


"Bonne annee" is French for "happy new year."

“Bonne annee” is French for “happy new year.”


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