I’ve come to like this sitting position I’ve always despised before, mainly because it made my legs get pins and needles. Now though, it’s a comforting position that doesn’t hurt my back. But then the numbness sets in and the dread of standing up overcomes me because then I end up spending the next three to four minutes uncomfortably stomping out pins and needles. Ridiculous.

But you know what isn’t ridiculous? The fact that I’m going to my parents’ for Christmas! I’ll be leaving good ol’ FC today and will be riding a bus for nine hours, through the night so there is prospect of sleep (praise the Lord), and getting there just shy of 10 tomorrow morning. Just in time to celebrate my mum’s birthday! All of my siblings will be there, too! It’ll be fantastic.

So in preparation for this, I am sitting in my small bedroom with clothes on my bed, a half packed, or rather I should say over-packed suitcase, and shoes and boots strewn across the floor. I need (actually, it’s a want, not a need) to bring all of these things with me, people! I’ll be there eleven days so of course I have to bring fifteen outfit possibilities, it’s only logical.

I am sitting on the floor because I’ve lost motivation, and my back is threatening to start hurting again. My ankles are paining for some odd reason and my legs are tingling. When did my body become so pathetic?! This sitting business gives me time to think though. I like it.

I’m looking forward to spending time with my family and all that will come from that; I’m looking forward to all that will come from this break, actually. Rest, especially. I seem to be able to sleep longer and harder when I’m at my parents’. I’m missing Matt already. It’s difficult to go from seeing someone every day to not. I know, I know – it’s not that long of a time, and we have technology to keep us in touch. But still. A lot of people can relate to me, I’m sure of it.

I just noticed the clock. I have less than an hour left until we’re supposed to depart. I have decided that I will unpack my suitcase and re-pack it all. Perspective. I must have perspective. Half the time I’ll be lying around anyway, so no need to pack six dress shirts. I have to get up, my legs are getting pins and needles again.

If I don’t post again before Christmas, have a happy Christmas! May God’s Love and divine purpose be revealed to you especially more so these next following days!


Unto Us a Child is Born2


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