One More Time.

58712_445054796117_3103401_nSometimes, I wish that we were all still in college. You know, before we walked across a stage and received a piece of paper that told us we were worth something in the grownup world. If I were to pick a year of college to experience again (not to change, just to experience) I would choose my senior year. So many wonderful things happened my senior year. I miss the Breen movie lounge with the chairs that had the comfiest cushions I’ve sat on to date. I miss my 4th London room with the window facing towards the Winnebago building. Those lights, though minimum as they were, were the closest thing I had to city lights. They were indeed very pretty and I looked at them every night before I feel asleep.

The desire I have of to be in a group community just dawned on me. I know I’m just missing people though. This shall pass.

It’s just nice to reminisce sometimes.



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