Saturday marked the official last day of the first trimester of my grad school experience. Yes, celebrate with me!

My morning class was insightful, as usual. We did the standard things – handed in reading essays, took a test, talked about the reading homework (which so happened to be Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe, which is now my new favorite book), and handed in our final paper. The new thing we did for this class period was give presentations. It was the last day, and what professor would not require students to give presentations on the last day, right? When the clock hit 11:58 a.m. our professor dismissed us and we were free to frolic, taking with us the extensive knowledge we acquired about grammar, (which by the way I initially spelled as “grammer” before spell check told me it was incorrect – fail), the hours upon hours of readings, writing essays, and papers, and the renewed appreciation for literature, at least in my case. Now, if you ask me what my favorite novel is, or who my favorite playwright, poet, or short story writer is, I can give you an answer that’s not, “hmm, yes, exactly.”  You should ask me next time you see me. I’m thankful for that class and honestly, I was genuinely sad to leave that class.

My afternoon class irritated me. I’ve been having chronic back pains since Tuesday (which I still have, by the way) and on Saturday, my back still felt like someone was having fun alternating between randomly stabbing or setting my back on fire. That morning, I sat through a 4-hour class, shifting and gasping for air with each stab, and the thought of sitting through another 4-hour class was unbearable. In addition to that, I realized I still had a 2 1/2-hour drive home afterwards. That didn’t help my mood. I did not pay much attention to the discussions during my second class. All I wanted to do was stand but we sat for a good 2 hours before a break was officially granted. Then when I stood, I wanted to sit because my back didn’t feel like supporting me, but I fought back because I knew that we would soon be sitting again for a long period of time. I gave a presentation for that class, too, which I dominated, by the way, and when 5 o’clock came, I packed up and walked out of the classroom.

The feeling of accomplishment that came with that victory walk to the car was amazing. Kind of short-lived, but, still, amazing. I celebrated via sending a text to the boyfriend who enthusiastically replied congratulating me. But then I remembered the approaching drive and the celebrating took a pause. After a quick Facebook status update to proclaim my victory and a short drive to the nearest Tea Garden to get Royal Chai Tea with extra tapioca pearls with my sister, I settled into the car and started my victory drive home.

The drive home after classes are usually always pleasant because I knew I was going back to comfort. And by the time I navigate through city traffic again, I’ve already come to dislike the crazy drivers and look forward to be heading back to quieter traffic. During this drive I was greeted with dense fog but nothing that slowing down to 55 mph and a good songs couldn’t make bearable. I made it home and spent time with a pretty awesome guy. I call that a good Saturday!

Now, a summary? All in all, it was a good first trimester. I’m glad I got the experience because I know what to expect. I added a lot of miles to the car, did a lot of reading, and re-learned proper grammar (spelled it correctly this time around!). You guys, I learned a lot of things, which is absolutely fantastic because I love learning. I hope I never stop learning. I appreciate that my brain is being used for reading literature and textbooks and not just Facebook and Pinterest.

I’m looking forward to next trimester. However, I’m not quite ready for it yet. I’m going to soak up this month-long break because from what I’m seeing about my next trimester’s classes from the syllabi, the reading and homework loads increase exponentially. I’m sure I’ll be plenty ready for it after some rest. Rest is good.

If you have the chance to read this novel, I strongly encourage it.

If you have the chance to read this novel, I strongly encourage it.


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