This Road

I’m in my college’s library working on homework. I do this when I have days to do homework because if I stay in my room, my desire for sleep tends to overpower my need to complete homework. My old boss just walked into the upstairs area where I am. It caught me by surprise. The only times I’ve seen him since I stopped working and started grad school have been at school events I happen to attend.

I wonder why he’s here. He’s obviously looking for someone and it must be of some importance because knowing the nature of the job I had, no one in the department just comes to the library for fun, and especially not him.

I just became nostalgic. Again. All of a sudden and all at once I wanted to be back working. I wanted the rush and adrenaline of dealing with college students, I wanted to be involved in the searches that involved coming to the library in the middle of the afternoon, I miss the sense of protection I had knowing that whatever happened in searches or dealing with students, in the grand picture, the school would stand by me. I miss being involved. I just miss it.

Well, most of it. Okay, why lie? Currently, I miss a lot of it.

I’ve been slowly going down nostalgia lane for the past week. Tuesday I was nostalgic for Stephanie and Wendy. And I missed Madagascar and Kenya, too. Thinking about it now, it was cause I was looking at photos of Kenya and Madagascar and Stephanie and Wendy. It’s my external hard-drive’s fault, I tell ya! I had to find photos for my sister’s birthday and of course I couldn’t pass up looking at all the other photos I had. Phew, glad I got that figured out!

I just saw other members of the department walk by too. Maybe they’re not searching for someone. Maybe they were having one of the three or four weekly meetings in a new location to mix it up. Maybe they were actually here for fun, to check out books and read newspapers and stuff. Maybe, but probably not.



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