Today, right now, I’m experiencing one of those moments where I realize that life is very much so fragile, death is very much so a reality, and Love is very much so needed.

One of my friends’ dad died three days ago and I found out today. I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw the news. Shock hit me on impact, followed by a “woaaah, what?” I hit the refresh button of the page and started to scroll down again, hoping that it was an accidental post. It wasn’t. I read the words over and over again: “In shock and sadness by this death…”

One family is dealing with the breath-taking pain of losing a father and a husband. As I tried to wrap my mind around that, I kept scrolling down the page and I scoffed at how others’ statuses talked about football games, the weather, and politics. Politics, really? They have no clue that a family’s world just fell apart. Every so often I see status updates from those who knew the family and heard the news. It’s comforting knowing I’m not the only one shocked by this. Please don’t get me wrong, I know, too often than not, that this happens to a lot of the people I’m Facebook friends with, and I’m sure they’ve looked at my statuses and thought, “how trivial.”

Man, how trivial. All other things are trivial when compared to the soul of a human being.

I can’t even imagine what the family is going through. Selfishly, I never want to imagine what the family is going through.

Death is something I can’t wrap my mind around, though I imagine not a lot of people can do that. Hearing about death makes me clingy, makes me want to love more and love deeply. Hearing about death makes me want to let every single person I love know that I truly love them, and then show them how I do.

[Presently, it comforts me knowing that this life is not it, that there is way more than this. That is Hope. I wish everyone knew about this. …But that’s for another post.]

The father’s name is not Ulysses, rather it’s the title of this song by Josh Garrels.


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