Nostalgic for Madagascar

I was looking through photos I have of a family vacation we took to Madagascar, my home country, in 2007 and it made me very nostalgic. I know for certain that the country has changed too drastically – politically and socially – for me to think that I’ll go back to the same Madagascar; that’s pure ignorance. (But I still ignorantly hope.) Plus, it won’t be the same because a lot of my extended family, the very people we go to see on such vacations, are no longer there. They’ve moved to France.

Regardless I have this strange inkling to go back. In my mind I’m already planning when my immediate family and entire extended family will be able to have a reunion there. Maybe in 2014? 2015? Ugh, that’s so very far. I know that the fact that my cousins and I are no longer young teenagers who live and travel with our parents, and that we all have our own lives and jobs and schools affects this greatly, but I think it would be really cool to see everyone come together one last time – before we all grow up and get married and have children and stuff.

Man, I kinda really miss it

Anyway, to help portray this nostalgia is this song. It was written and originally sung by a popular Malagasy musician who was deported from Madagascar the same time the dictator he openly supported was kicked out of the country. (This is a cover of the song sung by finalists on a Malagasy TV show similar to “American Idol.”) If I remember correctly, he wrote this when he was no longer in Madagascar. The song talks of being in alone in a foreign land and not being able to go back home but really wanting to. It talks about how he (the musician) felt like there was no one he was familiar with in the foreign land but how he would represent Madagascar well regardless of that fact. Towards the end of the song he tells those who are listening to the song to say hello to Madagascar on his behalf.

Sometimes I feel like this. Especially lately.

I long to go back and bring those dear to my heart with me. I want to go back with a really good camera so I can take literally thousands of photos and many videos of my country. It really is a beautiful place. I want to go to those regions I haven’t been to before. I want to experience this beautiful country again. You know, it’s been five years since I’ve been there.

I know a lot of you don’t understand the song but you should listen to the music and look at pictures of my beautiful home country.



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