‘Tis the Season…

I cannot smell.

I’m hoping it’s a temporary thing. I had a dream last night that someone stole my nose and I woke up and I couldn’t smell. And I can’t taste anything either because I can’t smell. Funny how those are connected, huh?

No one actually stole my nose, don’t worry, I just have a cold.

About two weeks ago I had some kind of … I don’t even know what to call it, but whatever it was, it made me throw up for four days straight. Everything repulsed and activated my gag reflexes: honey, bread, oatmeal, eggs, water, saltine crackers, apple pie (this is what I ate 20 minutes before I started throwing up), vanilla ice cream… basically food. I wasn’t hungry and I was not thirsty. Not good. (I still don’t like some of those things. I don’t think I’ll ever like apple pie. Blech.)

Presently, I have a cold. And an ear infection that came with the cold. A fact about me: When I have a cold, there’s always a pattern with it. Day one, I have a sore throat. Day two, I’m either sneezing or coughing all day long. Day three, I’m either sneezing or coughing, whichever one didn’t take place the day before. I’m in the process of finishing day two which was full of sneezing. I always pray that I skip the coughing day though. I’d honestly take two days of puffy red eyes, a sleeve covered with spit from sneezing, and a constant runny nose over a full day of coughing. So I’m praying right now that the coughing day won’t happen tomorrow. Join me?

What I’ve been promoting for a while now is the concept of sneezing and coughing into your elbow instead of into your hands, or worse, into the air. It makes me cringe. Also, washing of the hands is essential. I have to admit that during this cold and flu season, it’s difficult for me not to make a disgusted face as I’m shaking someone’s hand because I don’t know if they’ve sneezed into their hand. All I think is, “I have to go wash my hands. I have to go wash my hands.” It’s especially worse when I watch the person and see that they just sneezed into their hand, and I know I have to shake their hands in a few minutes. Dreading that moment, I try to convince myself that the air had super powers and killed the germs before they reached out to clasp my hands. Good grief. I have the immune system of a bug, people! I get sick more easily than a lot of people, especially when it comes to ‘petty’ things like colds and flues.

Yes, we’re getting ready for a season of sharing (woohoo!) but please, not the germs. “Sharing is caring” is a good motto, but not with germs. Never with germs. Keep those to yourself.

I’ve sneezed 21 times in the process of writing this post. I’m up for another day of this. I can do it!

Anyway, here’s the video I share with others to teach everyone the proper technique when sneezing or coughing. It is an art, you know. Elmo and Rosita have mastered it.

Sharing is caring, except for germs


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