Graduate School, I Tell Ya!

In two days I will attend my first graduate school class and needless to say part of me is quite intimidated. Wouldn’t you be? For my first day of class I am to have read several pages of lessons and have an essay written. There will also be a test. For my second class meeting I am to have read 150 some pages and have taken diligent notes which will be turned in for a grade. This is just for one class.

Welcome to grad school, I guess!

I’m also nervous mainly because I don’t know how these professors are. How will they teach? How will they arrange their tests? Will they be multiple choice? Short answer? Essay questions? Looking at their syllabus, I’m unsure of how intense their expectations will be. Does the syllabus state all that they expect (of which I’ll give them more because that’s how I roll), or will they secretly desire more and dock me points?

I’m going to have to make friends again from scratch, aren’t I? Oh no. I don’t think I remember how to do that.


I’m excited though, that’s the overwhelming emotion presently. I’m excited to be able to exercise my brain again through readings, papers, and discussions; Bring on the learning!

For the past few days I’ve been doing homework for the classes. For the next two days I’ll be reviewing everything I’ve learned two or three more times just to make sure I’ve understood it all. And then maybe one more time after that.

Stay with me, gumption, I’m gonna need you.


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