Sweet Relief

The clock is striking midnight as I write this.

Today I spent the majority of the afternoon elated with joy and relief. The morning, although dreary emotionally and saddening to see so many people I know crying, I left the funeral service at the church reassured that Hope is there for those who choose to ensue it. I prayed that so many people present at the service would choose this Hope.

This afternoon, I received the best piece of news I’ve heard in months concerning my international life. Sitting in Subway on the phone,  joy flooded me as I allowed myself to admit that this news was indeed true. Relief never felt so good.

This evening I spent with two of my favorite people eating Chinese food, sort of watching The Two Towers, talking about strange baby names, sneaking chocolate ice cream and laughing like Rafiki from The Lion King at the bats that flew overhead and interrupted our viewing of the night sky.

I have never laughed so hard and so much in so long.

It was a very, very good feeling.


I look forward to this weekend and every good thing that will come with it.


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