1 a.m. Types of Gratitude

It’s 1:13 a.m. I should be asleep. However, tomorrow is Saturday so I guess it’s okay to be up this late. Just this once though.

I’m overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude currently, a feeling I haven’t felt in a while to be honest.

So much, and I mean soooo very much has happened in the past ten days alone – both bad and good, but mostly trying and challenging. It seems like a repeat of what had taken place in the months leading up to July 3rd is playing out before me again. It can make one go crazy, I tell ya.

“Why are you thankful, Mamisoa?” you may ask, well, let me tell you why, inquiring mind.

First, it is my dad’s birthday! God has granted my dad another year to carry on His work in the ministry in Topeka! (My parents and brother moved to Topeka, did I mention that?) My dad is now an ordained minister at a church there. He has another year full of warm summer days and new adventures in a new town. Another year to be my dad, someone I can make random phone calls to during the day to ask about what type of passport I have or what the subject of an email is that he sent me so I can find it. I can’t wait to hear from him later tonight about how he spent it.

My dad at his ordination

Second, this bed that I am lying in – I have been so grateful for it since I moved in with my friend on August 1st. Since then, tonight is the first night I have stayed up past midnight, past 11:30 p.m. actually. As it has approached bedtime the past few nights, the exhaustion from everything that I’ve been running around doing all day and just from the changes taking place in life has made  falling asleep rather easy. I usually fall asleep within fifteen minutes of climbing in bed. Exhaustion and sleeping through the night have never felt so good.

Third, water. Due to the weather and me walking around a lot I’ve been super thirsty, more than usual. Two days ago as I chugged down probably my third liter of water for the day before I climbed into bed, I was purely thankful for the cold liquid that I easily accessed from mere feet away from me. Water is good stuff.

Fourth, the weather. The weather from the past week has been absolutely amazing. And the wind accompanies it! The wind is my favorite type of weather. Fact: beautiful weather makes difficult moments better. If you’ve never heard that before, there you go. It really is true.

Fifth, and oh my goodness, most definitely not least, Matt. If I’ve updated you on the current happenings of my life, rolling my eyes as I share my many moments of frustration, know that that is nothing compared to the thoughts and feelings I unleash on to him. The man has a big and understanding heart, a steady, wise, and rationale mind, and a positive attitude (that can sometimes irk me) which I’ve come to find is always necessary. At work he deals with some people’s strangeness, a rather heavy work load that seems to become heavier with this time of year, and the recommencement of school. Then after work, he hasn’t even had to time to settle into his apartment and breathe before I invade and rattle off my daily report of how difficult life is for me. He gives daily reassurance that life is going to be okay (which it will be) and that what I’m doing is helping to move in the right direction; good will come from the difficulties. He offers his cell phone for me to use his minutes when my minutes are running low from being on the phone many hours with customer service reps, and offers his laptop, which has a better microphone than mine does, when I finally reel up the courage to do something ‘fun’ and want to record myself singing for an audition. I’m so thankful for him in a way beyond telling. If only you knew.

My eyes, dear inquiring minds, are getting heavy and the good kind of exhaustion is setting in. But remember the things I’m thankful for and be thankful with me for them: my dad, this bed, water, the weather, and my Matt.


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