Friday Afternoon at 3.

For the summer, with permission from their supervisor, staff here at my work place have the option of leaving work at 3 p.m. on Fridays if they have made up the hours during the week. This great opportunity started today. It is past 3 p.m. but I am still in the office because I will be coming into work late on Monday.

This weekend, Matt and I are heading to my parents’ house because my dad will be graduating from seminary. Woah. Hello, huge milestone! The past three years since they’ve moved back here to the states has gone by rather quickly. Please, allow me to be nostalgic for a few minutes as I share a memory with you.

The day my family was flying into the states my older sister Vola and I are made the drive to where my parents would live wanting to surprise them. My parents, two younger sisters and brother were flying into Chicago and then would make the several hours trip to their new home. My sister and I arrived there and drove by the house. We didn’t see any lights on so we went and parked on the next street so they wouldn’t see us when they drove in. The next few hours every thirty minutes or so we would drive by the house to see if they had arrived. I’m sure those living in the surrounding houses thought about calling the police on us. I would have. What frustrated us about the whole situation was that we had no way of getting in touch with them because they did not have cell phones yet. Getting worried I called the airport to see if maybe the flight got delayed. Nope. It was on time. So what was taking them so long?

At around 10 p.m. we decided to go grab something to eat at Wal-Mart. We entered the parking lot, parked the car and started walking towards the door when we saw a woman walking about 50 meters in front of us.

“She walks like mom does,” my sister pointed out. “I know, right.” We both were missing our mom so of course every woman reminded us of her. “Wait, that is mom!” I exclaimed.

We proceeded to shout a chorus of “mom” as we charged towards her. The poor woman was terrified as she turned around trying to figure out what was wrong. We embraced her as she shook. Surprise: success. Oh, and she was our mom, not just some random woman.

In a few hours I will be back in that town for probably the last time. After my dad graduates they will be moving to a different town in a different state. Sadly, this new town in this new state is about 6 1/2 hours from where I currently live. The drive there will be 3 hours longer than what it currently takes me to get to them. This will be difficult.

This weekend is much-needed. All of my siblings will be present. Matt will be present. And I will be seeing my high-school best friend, Hiyabel – A great majority of my favorite people will be altogether in one house. A win all around, I say.

I’m so excited. So very, very excited!

Writing this post and listening to my Colbie Caillat Pandora station is making the time go by faster.

Okay, back to work. But be excited with me, people!


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