Day Off.

It is 12:37 in the afternoon on a Monday. Can you guess where I am? Okay, let me just tell you. I’m still lying in bed. I’m not being lazy or trying to cop out of work. It’s quite the opposite, actually.

Today is supposed to be my day off from work. My place of employment kindly grants us employees a day off for our birthday as like a birthday gift. This day off needs to be taken within two weeks of our birthday. If you were counting, today’s date means it’s been 20 days since my birthday. Oops. But because the past few weeks have been chaotic, today was the only day deemed docile enough for me to take off. So here I am.

I have my laptop, my phone, annnd my to-do list in front of me. Sadly, my day off just means I get to work from my bed; there is a lot that needs to get done. I mean, it is the last week of school. So my work e-mail is open and I’ve been answering a steady flow of e-mails. I’m thankful that it hasn’t been the typical overwhelming load of e-mails a Monday usually brings. I’ve called my office’s administrative assistant several times asking her questions about such and such. The poor woman.

A self realization I had is that I don’t think I know how to take a day off. Maybe it would be different if I didn’t have a list of things I needed to complete before the end of this week, or if I had somewhere to go, if I had to leave this town but otherwise sitting in my apartment makes me .. anxious, for lack of a better term, to get to the office to get things done. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely nice being able to lay down and work uninterrupted (except by Facebook), but I want to see what’s going on at our office. What strange things are happening at the Campus Center? How are the different departments handling the chaos of students’ last week? What voice messages do I have? Does this mean I’m a workaholic?  Oh no.

I’m thankful for this day off and that I could sleep until 11:51 a.m. And I’m so thankful I have a job I desire to do.


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