For the Summer.

I believe the first night thunderstorm will be taking place in a few hours. I checked the weather and was informed that it should be starting right about now. (I also know because multiple friends of mine who live scattered across the midwest are Tweeting and Facebooking about how they’re outside watching the storm brew. They obviously do not have to work in the morning.)

With summer approaching I am more thankful for my apartment because of the utilities it comes with. A plus to my room is that it has an air conditioner. However a negative to my room is that it has an air conditioner.

The air conditioner will come into great use during the summer when I will have cool air blowing throughout my room into the dining room (which also has an air conditioner) while in the main lobby and the rest of the building, muggy, warm, moist air will dominate. With that said, the air conditioner will not be so great simply for the fact that it is an air conditioner with a metal covering. Said metal covering sits on the outer part of my window so on nights like tonight, when it is raining out, raindrops beat against said metal covering.

I should have prepared myself for this by listening to rain sounds throughout the window. This will definitely take some getting used to.

My poor ears.


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